About Magic Feather Memories

My Dad always told me that people needed something to look forward to. Even at a young age, the thing I was most looking forward to was vacation time. What he forgot to tell me was that the memories of the vacation are often as enriching of the actual event.

This mindset is on the forefront of my helping clients plan their vacations. These are not just trips to enjoy, they are future memories, so I focus on assisting my clients by keeping in the mind the memories they are hoping to create.

Some people enjoy the planning process and some do not. No mater where you fit in on this spectrum, I'm here to help; a little, a lot, or somewhere in between.

Although I plan travel to destinations world wide, my specialties focus on Disney Destinations, cruises, All Inclusive resorts, Universal Orlando and Sea World properties. I'm also a seasoned AMTRAK traveler, so enjoy booking rail vacations as well.

I offer:

  • no cost travel planning services for my clients
  • consistent support and client communication with a commitment to accurate information and rapid responses
  • continuous training to remain up to date in the rapidly changing travel world
  • extensive personal travel to discover first-hand the unique details needed in diverse locations and circumstances
My interests have always been focused on the hospitality industry and as such I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management. I'm also a veteran of the United States Air Force and am proud to be able to assist members of that community with discounts that may be available at Disney theme parks.