Disneyland Tomorrowland Skyline Lounge Experience

Always searching for ways to enrich the Disneyland guest experience (and charge a bit extra) a new dessert party is available in Tomorrowland at the Disneyland Park.

This extra priced event (currently $45 per person) is not billed as actually having a purpose other than having a dessert and hanging out at a great location.
And a great location it is. You report at the kiosk by the Innoventions building and up, up, up you go for one of the best views in the park.
 You are presented with a box of treats, both sweet and savory, and may help yourself to as many beverages as you like. Choices include soft drinks, hot beverages, Perrier and water.
You are seated in retro comfy chairs and couches..and hey, they light up. It is very cool to observe all the goings on in Tomorrowland from high above the crowds. When I was there a band was playing at Tomorrowland Terrace Stage, so added bonus.

There are light sabers to play with and some games. A character or two will visit. You can hang out from 8:00 -10:00 pm. Is that it? Pretty much. Unless there are fireworks scheduled for that evening (and they aren't cancelled due to wind or some other reason).
Then the event becomes a Fireworks Dessert party. It is not billed as such since the experience doesn't really include the Fireworks..it's a happy happenstance if you get to see them.
So what's the view like of the Fireworks? Really interesting and totally different. You actually get to see Tinkerbell fly, and from a new perspective. Having the Matterhorn in the center of the action adds a nice feel to the experience, and you can see the Fireworks and added effects in a new way. You cannot see the castle, so that might be missed.

I found it a very nice way to spend an evening and a welcome escape from the crowds. Great snacks and fireworks from a different viewpoint added to the enjoyment. I give it 4 churros out of 5. Enjoy!