What Costs Extra on a Disney Cruise?

Although almost everything is included in the price of your Disney Cruise, there are some additional costs that you should be aware of and plan for.

First off, let's talk about gratuities. You have 4 crew members that are specific to your traveling party. They are: your Stateroom Host, your Dining Room Server, Assistant Server, and Head Server. Since Disney has rotational dining, you will have the same team in the main dining room each night of your cruise. Your Stateroom Host cleans your room daily as well as sets the room up for sleeping, makes towel animals, delivers your daily Navigator and sees to any specific needs you might have.
Let's be honest, these folks are not paid very well, as cruise lines register in a country other than the U.S. so as not to fall under U.S. labor laws. Disney ships are registered under the Bahamas. These people work incredibly long hours and are held to a high level of service. Disney will auto charge your shipboard account (or you can pre pay them), the small sum of $12.00 per person per night. So if there are two of you in your stateroom on a five night cruise, you can expect to be charged $120.00 to cover the gratuities for these four folks. An envelope for each is left in your room prior to the last night with a sheet of paper with perforated strips for each. You tear off the strip and place it in the envelope, then personally hand them out to each crew member on the final night. It is customary to add additional cash to the envelopes.

Other places to tip are in the specialty dining venues, Palo and Remy, and if you order room service. These may be paid in cash.
How about other gratuities? Check the slips you sign for alcohol, the Spa, etc., and you'll see that a gratuity is included. There is also a line for an additional gratuity if you wish to add more.. It will be added to your room charges.

Some folks are not permitted to accept tips...  staff in Bibbidy Bobbity Boutique,  Kid's Clubs, and the Nursery.

You will also want to bring cash to tip drivers and guides you encounter on your excursions.

Now that we have gratuities covered, what else might you see showing up on your room charges?
Alcohol is an extra charge. There are free alcoholic beverages served during Captain's night. Although soda is free on deck and in dining rooms, if you choose a soda from a bar on deck or outside the theater, you'll be charged, as well as for snacks and popcorn. You are free to bring cups into theaters, so why not just fill your own on deck and bring it in? There are also a wide range of tastings and Mixology classes available to book. Yes, they are extra, but really quite nominal.
If you choose to dine at Palo or Remy, it's an extra charge. This is an upscale experience many enjoy.
Although kid's clubs are free, the Nursery is not. If you have a child under three, you will be allowed to schedule the child for limited nursery time at Small World Nursery for $9.00 an hour. If you have an additional child under three years old, that child is charged $8.00 hour.
It probably goes without saying that your Spa visits have a charge. Watch for specials to save a little.
Bibbidi Bobbidy Boutique and the Royal Court Tea are items you might want to consider if you have children, and if you're on the Fantasy, you might be tempted by an immersive cooking class. The Dream and the Fantasy also have ice cream and sweets shops that come with an additional charge. The basic soft serve on deck is still complimentary.

Excursions will cost you extra, be it a little or a lot, depending on excursion. You're always welcome to proceed with caution and explore ports on your own.
Cruise photos can be pricey. Crew is often happy to take a photo with your camera or phone, or let you take a picture while they are taking the 'official' photo. You can pre purchase a package or buy one on board, or just buy a few you like after viewing them. You may also schedule a Private Photographer session, which is extra over any package price.
Let's talk Bingo. This is the only gambling on Disney, and it can be addictive and expensive. It's fun, but adds up quick, so proceed with caution.

What have I left out? Shops of course! Stocked with everything from Pins to designer bags to expensive jewelry, you'll be tempted to hand over your card. Painless until that shipboard charges sheet is delivered to your room the final night.

Just remember that the only thing added to your account without you signing that paper are the gratuities for your crew team. It's all in your control how much or how little you choose to spend.