Friday, November 21, 2014

Adventures By Disney New York Dreams ~ Part Three ~ The Statue of Liberty & Wicked Broadway Performance

We found the ferry leaving Ellis Island and heading to the Statue of Liberty to be much less crowded than the ferry that originated from Battery Park.

Be prepared for a security check before you can enter the Statue. If you have items that are not permitted, there are lockers you can rent during your visit. There's no change machine available, so make your life easier and have some dollar bills and change handy.
Again, the headphones and guided audio is invaluable. Depending on your time allotment, you can spend a great deal of time learning the wonderful history of this icon, and if you're short on time you can skip bits that are more in depth than you need.

Depending on the type of ticket you bought, you may have access to the pedestal or the crown. Stunning and dizzying views abound. You'll come away with a tremendous appreciation of this national treasure.
Then it was back on the ferry, making sure to pick the one headed to Battery Park, a search for the subway line we started on in reverse, and back to our 57th street stop. A quick bite and pleasant walk found us arriving at The Gershwin Theatre on 51st Street with enough time to look around and settle in. Here I discovered what I call the "Broadway Sippy Cup". Brilliant. I'm sure this was started to avoid spills and glass breakage, but these plastic lidded cups given with drinks at Broadway shows are a great idea and a great freebie souvenir. Of course the cost of the drink is crazy, but here's a tip. I ordered wine and asked to have ice and seltzer added, so my cup was filled to the brim and lasted for the entire show.

I've seen Broadway shows on tour, and they are wonderful, but seeing a show in their permanent home is a quite a few steps above. Fantastic sets, highly talented performers and a historical venue. An amazing treat.

Walking back to the hotel was very nice, plenty of people in good moods sauntering along with us, and with no feeling of unease at any time.

A lovely day, and off to sleep with excitement for the Adventure to begin early in the morning!