Sunday, September 18, 2016

Disneyland's NEW PhotoPass+ Program


One thing constant about all things Disney is change. I was a long time fan of the old PhotoPass+ program (see  ), and was saddened when it all disappeared during my trip in January of 2016. The worst part was that no one seemed to know what was coming, so we were given different answers every time a question was asked, and the program changed without notice mid trip. Essentially, the program went to a $39.99 per DAY charge. An OK price if you knew this and jam packed every character encounter to one day, and didn't mind not getting any ride photos. No thank you.
Therefore, I was glad to see the announcement of a new program that ties in the per day choice with a per trip option.

To recap:

First off, what IS PhotoPass and how is it ‘plussed’?
PhotoPass is Disney’s version of having your own professional photographer along with you on your vacation. As you go around the parks you will notice folks in their blue pants and light blue shirts standing by perfect photo spots. Before you have your first picture taken, you are given a PhotoPass card which identifies the photos taken with it. You can use the same card for your entire stay, but be sure and take a picture of the back of the card with your phone so you have the number in case the card is lost. In many cases the photographer will ask you to mime a movement. This is so something special can be added to your photo before you view it…Tinkerbell in your hands, holding balloons, pointing at Stitch, etc.
PhotoPass is available on your phone or through the website:

Mobile: Disneyland App

New options are:
Disney PhotoPass+ One Week. Basically you get all the pictures linked in your PhotoPass account for a seven say period, including some attraction and dining photos. This new product can be purchased for $69 online before, during or after a visit to Disneyland..
 Disney PhotoPass+ One Day is what they began offering in January 2016 and runs $39 at or in the Disneyland mobile app.

Disney PhotoPass Collection ($99 plus tax)
Option includes Digital downloads of all Disney PhotoPass photos linked to your account when you redeem, plus a voucher for a dining print package (cannot be redeemed online, only at dining location).  You also receive a disc of standard Disney images.

This option must be purchased in the parks at PhotoPass, dining or ride locations that offer PhotoPass service.

Disney PhotoPass Collection + Disc ($119 plus tax)

This option is the closest to the previous PhotoPass+ option, although more expensive than the no longer offered pre pay option. With this choice you get a DVD disc with all Disney PhotoPass photos in your account at the time of purchase, plus the voucher for a Dining Print Package, plus the disc with the Disney images.

This product can only be purchased at a Disney PhotoPass Sales Center!


Saturday, September 10, 2016

World of Color Dessert Dining Package Disney California Adventure

Let's face it. The best thing about any special event package that includes a show is a chair. Oh, the food is lovely, the service friendly, the views (usually) great, but the true star is the chair. No jockeying for position to see around the lady with big hair, or fighting off the constant crush of folks trying to creep closer. Or worse, while having to sit, no hard bum numbing concrete to park on hoping your falling asleep legs don't kick someone. Fantasmic used to have a lovely dessert party (see:  ). It was a sad day when that was replaced with a dining package with 'preferred viewing' on the concrete (see: )And, the little foam pad they gave you sit on didn't help.

So I was thrilled to see that, for the first time, an option was now available for a World of Color Dessert party...with a chair! I've tried the other options for 'preferred' viewing with dining packages for this show with mixed results, still having to stand, and occasionally actually have a worse view than with just taking my chances with the FastPasses.
I'm happy to report that Disney finally has gotten this right! For a pre-paid amount of $79.00 (including taxes and gratuity), you are smoothly lined up at a well marked designated spot on Paradise Pier. You are checked in as in a restaurant, where your table with chairs is assigned. You may be given a choice of a regular table or a taller one with pub type chairs. Choose the latter. The added height helps a great deal with the view of the show.
You are served your dessert plate, on a real plate, and offered beverages, including those with alcohol. How very lovely!

See all those folks standing in front of you being uncomfortable? Not you, you eat and drink and visit with table mates until the show begins.
Folks promptly hoist their kids on their shoulders. No bother, you can still mostly see.
This added priced event is completely worth it! I hope Disney keeps it around for awhile. World of Color's enjoyment factor skyrockets with a good view, not to mention nice snacks, a bubbly drink, and, of course, a chair.