Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Frozen Show at the Hyperion Disneyland ~ Disney California Adventure

You've made it inside! Maybe you had a meal or snacks and a relaxing time by paying for a pre-show event (see previous blog at http://magicfeathermemories.blogspot.com/2016/08/disneyland-frozen-pre-show-lunch-package.html  ), or you got a Fast Pass or stood forever in the sun...whatever.

Now you are inside and seated, excited to see the new show.

What can you expect? Well, it's called "Frozen: Live at the Hyperion", so you can pretty much count on it being Frozen. A Show that's live at the Hyperion.
Like the old Aladdin show that was previously housed in the theater, this is essentially the highlights of the movie with all the music you love. You'll find highly talented actors and singers, creative staging and characters and stunning effects.
I was pleased to see we even got to experience the opening ice sequence, and they went out of their way to carry off in great manner a small sequence.
The difficult characters, such as Olaf and Sven are well done puppet like creations, and interact well. The trolls are creatively presented, and the snow and ice effects very well done.

A show stealer is Olaf's 'Summer' scene, with a retro feel.
Elsa's ice castle is chillingly well done and watch for the 'how did they do that' moment during "Let it Go."
The show runs right at one hour and is very entertaining. I predict it will go down in Disney history with as many dedicated followers as Aladdin, and is a nice pre-curser to the upcoming Broadway production.


Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Disneyland Frozen Pre-show Lunch Package

You may have heard about the new Broadway style show now playing in Disneyland at the Hyperion theater in Disney California Adventure. You might also have heard that getting in to see it can be as big of a production as the show itself. Currently, Fast Passes are handed out early in the day and are gone rapidly, then there's the huge hot line to get in and large amounts of time spent away from other park activities.

Disney, in it's usual fashion, has come up with several magical scenarios to let you bypass all of this mess. However, as I Once heard, "all magic comes at a price, dearie...". Prices for these experiences range from a whopping $299 down to $49, with a mid point offering being $99 (before tax and gratuity of course). I chose the $99 package, which includes lunch plus the pre show event included in the lower priced package.
This is not just any lunch, but you are treated to a four course meal at the amazing Carthay Circle restaurant. When I attended, seating started at 11:30 AM and we then saw the 4:00 PM show, with the pre show event starting at 2:45.
The menu is cutely Frozen themed, starting off with a delicious meatball (yes, just one). You then get a so-so salad and a delicious soup. For the entrĂ©e, you have a choice of three options. I chose the filet and every component of the dish was delicious...de-li-cious. Save room for the awesome and whimsical dessert. Essentially, it's a couple of creampuffs, but uniquely Olaf created. The cream puffs had some kind of crackle coating and the filling was light and not too sweet. The little bit of dark chocolate under Olaf cuts any sweetness even more, and the meringue 'ice' chunks are a fine finish.

You are then free to wander the park until it's time to report to the pre show event, held at Stage 17, between the old Muppet theater and the Monsters Inc. ride.
 You get a lanyard with a nice pin, and a coupon for 1 alcoholic drink. (I'm not sure if the drink is included with the per-show only package as well, or just the lunch package).

 Everything else is available in unlimited quantities. There's popcorn, sparkling cider, and shaved iced concoctions. These are uniquely flavored and well done. I had the Root Beer and Orange Dream varieties. Both were well worth the calories.
  There's also a nice display telling you about how the production came to be.

There are activities available for the kids, photo ops with PhotoPass folks and Olaf comes out for a meet and greet. Our PhotoPass pictures were included in the package for free download (again, I'm not sure if this is the case with the $49 package).

At about 3:45 TADA! it started snowing and we were all trooped over to a side entrance of the theater where we had our pick of seats before anyone else was admitted.


 In my opinion, this price was well worth the delicious lunch and fun pre-show experience. How was the show? Stay tuned :)