Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Disneyland ~ Mickey and the Magical Map

Tucked away at the back of Fantasyland is the Fantasyland Theatre. Currently playing several times a day is the little gem  Mickey and the Magical Map.
In my opinion this a not to be missed performance. Combining live performers and video on a huge screen and with the live performers actually interacting with the screen, it's  fast based musical delight.

Our star is Mickey as the Apprentice and Yensid the Sorcerer. (You DID know that the Sorcerer's name is Yensid and that it's Disney spelled backward, right?)

Many of your favorites from films old and new will make appearances, with plenty of high spirited singing and dancing along the way.
You'll also see seldom enjoyed characters, such as King Louie from the Jungle book, and more.
Naturally, things do go awry, but it's no surprise that all ends will with a happy ending and Mickey to bring us all to a finale worthy of confetti.
Check your park guide for show times and be sure to enjoy this wonderful show.