Sunday, February 26, 2017

Walt Disney World ~ Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom

Once you enter the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World, don't be in such a hurry to hustle down toward the castle. Nope Pay a visit to the Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom starting point located by the Firehouse. Here you'll join Merlin's group of apprentice Sorcerers and be instructed on how to defeat Hades.
You'll receive a map to help you find the Mystic Portals as well as a pack of cards, one pack per person.
You may come back every day for a new pack, and there is a bit of card trading with cast members also available. Special cards are released for some special events, such as Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party.
Have a few minutes to spare before a fast pass or want to finish that ice cream before getting on a ride? You can complete a challenge in that time.
Look for the large bronze portal embedded by a portal. The key holder (one member of your party which you pick at the beginning of the day) places their magic Band on the keyhole and voila, the challenge begins.
Based on clues as to which card will work, you aim your card at the portal to either get further instructions or conquer a villain.
As seen on the map, these training locations are found on Main Street U.S.A., Fantasyland, Adventureland, Liberty Square and Frontierland.
Did I mention this is FREE? This is a lot of un for all ages, in fact I noticed many adults participating, with no children in sight.
Don't we all want to be Sorcerers?










Friday, February 17, 2017

Walt Disney World ~ Animal Kingdom ~ Wilderness Explorer Challenge

One of the great things about Disney are the hidden surprises. One of these is the Wilderness Explorer Challenge at Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World. This free (yes, FREE) activity is designed for kids, but is truly interesting enough to keep all entertained.
Start off by picking up your Wilderness Explorers Handbook right at the bridge to Discovery Island.
 Easy instructions are on the first page. Essentially to go to a Badge location, all of which are listed on the map on the page following the instructions.
You complete an activity and the costumed cast member will give you a sticker to place on the page  with the activity.
Guides are dressed in uniforms such as Russell wore in the movie 'Up".
One of the badges involves the Kilimanjaro Safari ride, so try and get your handbook before heading out on that.
This is not a tiny flimsy book, but has 42 pages chock full of fun and educational activities such as: Hiking Badge, Conservation Badge, Asian Culture Badge, Ham Radio Badge and so much more.
There's even a Signaling Badge to learn about signal flags..Yes, you can have Fun With Flags at Walt Disney World.
We didn't touch the surface on this activity, and I think it would be hard to accomplish it all during one day at the park. I guess we'll have to just go back!