Monday, January 30, 2017

Disney Cruise Line Reimagined Wonder ~ Oceaneer Club & Lab

These favorite hang outs for ages 3-12 have been completely redone and reimagined. Gone is the old  dark place, and it is now all bright and engaging in every corner and cubicle.
The main themed spaces are now Andy's Room Toy Story area, Marvel Super Hero Academy, and a fabulously  themed and fun Frozen area that I'd like to hang out in myself.
Of course there are many ongoing activities, games, and character encounters. Don't worry about your 8 year old getting bored while the 4 year old is entertained. There are age appropriate activities occurring concurrently.

A big hit is the Marvel Super Hero Academy. Train to be a Super Hero!

Connected to the Oceaneer Club is the Oceaneer lab. There's a walk way for this from Club to Lab, so they remain under the supervision of the counselors. The Lab has a more activity focus. Think classes, science experiences, cooking and computers.
This is where your daily navigator and Cruise App come in. All activities are listed for pre-planning and it's handy to have a different colored highlighter for each person, so they can pick where they want to be and when.

There are no fee for these clubs, so let your kids enjoy as often as they wish.
And because it's Disney, you can count on cute restrooms and a super cool hand washing station.
The only thing of concern about the Club and Lab is getting your kids out of them. Don't worry, they're able to eat meals at the Club as well.













Thursday, January 19, 2017

Disney Cruise Line Reimagined Wonder ~ After Hours Lounges

Replacing the old Route 66 district, the new After Hours is a completely different space. The old area had its charm in a 1960's road trip way, but the newly designed area is beautiful, warm, and inviting.
First up, Azure. Blue and water. That was probably the notes Imagineers were given since the entire space has the feel of motion (even when the boat is docked), with curves, and swirls and lush shades of blue. The comfortable chairs invite you to stay awhile and lose even more at Bingo.
On to the new Crown & Fin Pub. You're in England! Little details are everywhere, from the wall decorations, to the furnishings, to the classic phone booth at the entrance. Look closely and you might find subtle nods to Disney films set in London while you enjoy British and other specialty beers.
Cadillac lounge, the classic homage to the luxury car of days past. This space has just been spruced up and retains it's old men's club vibe. Don't miss taking in the bar design. Relax in an overstuffed chair and have a cocktail famous in days gone by.





Sunday, January 8, 2017

Disney Cruise Line Reimagined Wonder ~ Senses Spa and Rainforest Room

The head to toe, or is it bow to stern? transformation of the Disney Wonder is a sight to behold. During a recent tour of the gorgeously reimagined Senses Spa, the pride shown by the cast members was noticeable.

Every area has been redone and the offerings are tempting to say the least. Go ahead and take the tour! There are specials offered and a drawing for gifts and services, and we did not find the presentation to be pushy in the least.

For taking up a relatively small area of the ship, the Spa is full service and includes spa treatments such as massages, facials & body wraps. The salon area offers many variations of manicures and pedicures as well as hair care, and there is barber shop with extra services for the men, all in elegant surroundings.
For couples treatments there are the private spa villas.
Looking to try acupuncture or other exotic treatments? Yep, those are offered as well.
Not to leave the teens out, Senses is also home to Chill Spa for ages 13-17, and there are experiences adults and their teens can enjoy together such as the Mother/Daughter Paradise Massage and the Father/Son Chill Out Massage.
New to the spa experience is the Rejuvenation Spa, which offers non surgical treatments such as facial dermal filler treatments and skin tightening. An odd looking treatment which was on view during the tour is the CoolSculpting fat reduction treatment.

And don't forget the Rainforest Room, a peaceful and beautiful space with temperature controlled loungers that invite long naps.
Cost? As Disney is known to say, "All magic comes at a price, dearie". Sample current pricing includes: Fire and Ice manicure, $50.00,  Acupuncture treatment, $150.00, Urban Cleanse facial, $129.00, Swedish Couples massage, $242.00, and Couples Ultimate Indulgence $589.00.
Like all things on the Disney ships, these services are billed to your stateroom accounts, so it's painless until the final night when the distressingly long summary of charges appears. There are often specials offered, so keep an eye out for those opportunities.